Sattwa Guna

... jump on to sattwa guna. On sattwa guna you start accepting (it). You become extremely mild. You become a mild personality. Then at that time you do not discuss as to, “Oh, I don’t like it; this was wrong; this should not have been.” All these things do not come to you in sattwa guna. You start seeing it. That time you see, “All right, doesn’t matter. It’s done, it’s done.”

-- What is a Sahaja Yogi, May 17 1980

Two Types of Attention: How Diaries Help Sharpen Attention

It is when you think of becoming then the preparation is done to become something and on the whole, when you know that it is your ego and superego which are loading you up, you have to scan them out with vibratory awareness. Now there are two types of attention we have to pay. First is a constant attention that is a routine of a Sahaja Yogi, and the second one is the emergency attention.

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For your constant attention, you have to fix up your mind on certain facts. The first one, as I said that if you keep a diary then you will know that you have to remember what important things have happened. So your attention will be alert and you’ll be looking out for such points where what is the thing you see. And you’ll be amazed if you make your attention alert, what new things come to you, very brilliant ideas and the miracles of life and the miracles of God’s beauty and His auspiciousness, His greatness, His kindness, His blessings - how they work out if you start writing every day even two lines about it. It will make your mind constantly involved with it. That’s a human style of doing things.

Also you can mention in the diary what happened. Did you, could you do your meditation? Did you get your time for meditation or not? A little bit as if you are appearing for some sort of a examination or something, prepare a little note like that. Did I get up in the morning? Did I? Then any special path or any special movement in the center or left or right also should be mentioned so that you keep a watch on your mind.

It’s a very good thing to maintain a diary. Also, you will see progressively how your ideas are changing, how new priorities are settling down, how you give more importance to real things and very little to unreal things. I think this is a very, very practical side of human beings that one should have a diary. Same diaries, after some times, will become historical things and people would like to see what you all have written – not to be hypocritical about it or deceptive about it, but quite truthful and understanding. You should jot down few lines just before sleeping.

-- Shri Mataji

"What is a Sahaja Yogi?", Informal talk, Old Arlesford, UK; 17th May 1980

How to know if a Guru is good or bad?

First of all you must see what sort of a disciple they have. Those who say, “We are doing something,” you should find out what are the kind of people that are following. Because they are some cinema actors and cinema actresses, it doesn’t mean that they are sane or they are wise people. What have they got, is the point. What powers have they got? As self realized people what powers they have got and what transformation they have gone through. What is the new awareness they have got?