Secrets of the Saptashringi Mountains

Adi Shakti, as you know, is the Saptashringi, means the One with seven peaks. She rests on the seven peaks, means on the Sahasrara, on the seven, seven chakras. She rules all the seven chakras. They told me that when we had the puja in Calcutta, same time, that's the only time when those who follow Saptashringi, which are very few people, all of them come there, and there they come, first of all the people from Her mother's side come down. 
- Sept 23, 1990. 10th Day of Navaratri in Switzerland.

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Attachments lead to misery

So, we have these kinds of attachments. Then we are attached to so many miserable things we like, which make us miserable. For example, we are attached, to say, some sort of a stupid entrepreneur fashion. We're attached to it. Whether it is in Sahaj culture or not, we are attached to it. And all these attachments are not to the source, to the source of joy, to the source of knowledge, to the source of energy which ascends you. This is the reason why our situation of collective ascent is poor. Now the Adi Shakti's work is to give you Realization first, second is to give you life, to comfort you. If you have physical problems, She will look after you. She'll go all out. If you've mental problem, She will try to solve. So, She's a comforter; She gives you the comfort. At the same time, She protects you. I've seen many people, even now, get frightened very soon, at the slightest thing. Why should you be frightened? There's a tiger standing. You can't see him, may be today he might be in the picture. And your Mother is so powerful. You have to understand how powerful She is. This is, the understanding is not in your heads.

-Arzier, Switzerland, September 23, 1990
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Saintly Attention

No saints were ascetics, they all had wives, they all had children. But all their attention was at the Lotus Feet of the Mother. As Guru Nanaka has said that a little boy is playing with his kite, the kite is going all over, and he is talking to his friends, joking, this thing, but his attention is on the kite. There's a lady who is cleaning her house with a little child on her waist, and she's cleaning the house and grooming it. She's doing everything, but her attention is on her child. Then there are ladies in India, as you know, they have three, four pitchers filled water and they walk with both the hands like this. They know how to balance it. They're talking to each other, laughing, making fun, pulling legs. But the attention is on the pitchers. My attention is always on your Kundalini.

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So first of all your character, your behavior, your relationships should be so pure that, by itself, it will emit light. Like if you have a very clean glass, the light can pass. But also, Kundalini being the pure desire, you must have a very fervent and extremely bubbling, you can call it a absolutely pouring out desire whom to give vibrations, now, whom to give realization. You give it to the trees, you give it to the dogs, you give it to anyone, and if you find human beings also give them. Rather difficult. So, that has to be done. But whatever you are doing, keep attention in your connection.

- Arzier, Switzerland
September 23, 1990