Promote Beauty, Not Mass Manufacturing and Plastics

Whatever it is, in that also you should create beauty. If you start creating beauty, then we'll try to preserve it and use it sparingly instead of having thousands of nonsensical things, everything disposable. After sometime, we'll have to have human beings who are disposal. We'll have to dispose them off. How will they live on this earth if we do not understand that we have to live on this earth with its limitations. See, I've been telling you, many times, take to artistic things, take to handmade things, more to handmade. Don't go too much to this. At least, even if you have to buy something which is, say, artificial, at least see to it that it is artistic. So, the once you have a great desire - today is the day they want in the whole world to pray for the preservation of Mother Earth, that's why I started this topic, that we should pray that we all should develop art, develop for ourselves, give as presents to others, and also to use artistic things, made of artist. We can have few things, but artistic which expresses art. Not cheap things.

Sept 23, 1990, 10th day of Navaratri