"Anything that is living has a capacity to rise against the gravity, up to a point that is limited. Like we have seen the trees, they come out of the Mother Earth and grow upward, up to a limited space. Every tree, every type of tree has its own limitations. Cedar will be cedar and rose will be a rose. Is all controlled by the gravitational force. But there is one thing which rises against the gravitational force which has no limits, and that is your Kundalini. It cannot be controlled by the gravitational force unless and until you want it to be controlled. Nothing can control it but you and your Self can control it. So, as soon as you become in charge of your Kundalini, you have crossed one step forward that you have overcome the force that is the gravitational force."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 6 July 1986, extract from Guru Purnima Address, Gmunden, Austria.