The Mother and Child Principle

So this principle (Mother & Child) is the most pleasing principle, is the most pleasing principle for human beings to see the children, to play with them, to enjoy their company. Why? Because it has that sweetness of a child. It's really, I should say, tickles joy within you when you see a child. Immediately, the face becomes different.

I have told you that I have seen even a crocodile cracking her eggs. They showed it in a film, and you should have seen the eyes of the crocodile at that time, how carefully she was cracking,. So beautiful her eyes were, full of - such love pouring out of her eyes. You can't believe these are the eyes of the same crocodile, and so slowly she was cracking with her mouth all the eggs and the little, little crocodiles coming out. And then she brings them on the shore and washes them in the mouth all the time, so carefully, like a bathroom she uses her mouth, you see.

You should see how animals also act to their children.

- August 8, 1989, Les Diablaret, Switzerland