How to stimulate the appreciation in children

How to stimulate the appreciation in children

So then also for the appreciation of others. If they start criticizing

others, do not listen to them. When they appreciate others, listen to

them. This is till the age of six years again I'm saying. Very

important. They'll criticize others. And never, never try to sort of

side with anyone. If they are quarrelling, let them quarrel. Let them

quarrel a little bit, doesn't matter. Solve their problems. But if

they are quarrelling too much then bring two sticks. "All right. You

want two sticks, hit each other." Then they will realize. It's horrid.

Give them two sticks. You want, all right, have it. Hit each other

nicely. When you are both nicely wounded, we'll take you to the

hospital. Now, come along, have it."


--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—