Friday, June 02, 2017

And the part has to become the whole

I've told you about the false gurus, how they try to entice you. Today I have to give you the main points of Sahaja Yoga. As I told you yesterday that "sahaja" is a thing which is born with you, it is within you. It is your own plumule, your germinating power within yourself. And that this yoga also takes place as a living process. It is a living process which we should understand in a proper way. Like for a seed when we sow it we do not put in any money for it. It just comes up by itself. The Mother Earth gives the warmth, and it happens. In the same way it is within you. This power is within you. It is your own. And it works spontaneously, means a loving way. So one should understand that you can't pay for it, you cannot maneuver it. It just happens like a living force acting, like a flower becoming a fruit. The other day one gentleman who got his realization last year was complaining because he could not continue with it. He felt the cool breeze, all right, and he did not know what to do further...

And at that point you have to know about Sahaja Yoga. Before that you get it, realization, even without knowledge about it. Specially in the beginning you are like a very delicate seedling. And you have to respect your being, you have to be very careful and handle it with great compassion and love. Moreover, you have to have full understanding as to what is your problem. Best way is to give to others. Then you grow much faster. If you do not try to share your power with others it doesn't grow...

  You have heard and you have known that God has made you in His own image. Now if This is the Whole, you are a part and parcel of the Whole. And the part has to become the whole. And to become the whole, God has made all arrangements within us during our different stages of evolution. All these different centers demarcate it, your evolutionary process. The first center that we have down below is the center of your innocence. The Deity that is placed on it is called Shri Ganesha. Because He's the eternal child. Now this eternal child is kept there because He's always eternally innocent. That is your innocence.

This is a very important center within us, though it is placed below the Kundalini.  Kundalini is in the sacrum bone wind up in three and a half coils. This is in all of you. As I told you this is the pure desire within us, which is unconscious now, but becomes conscious when it manifests. Now, the pure desire is to be one with the whole. So this center is placed below the Kundalini, which is a virgin, to look after the chastity of the virgin. The Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us. She's your mother. She's mother of every one of you. But She is an individual mother of your own. She has only one child... that is you. She takes birth with you many a times and records what you are."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 2, 1982   2nd Public Program   Madrid, Spain

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