His power of love is very mysterious

We on Earth understand God with our earthly understanding. We understand Him through our mind, through our imagination, through our books, and other things where He's described as such and such. There is a big mystery, God and His divine power. It's a big mystery, mystery for all the human beings and you cannot conceive it, with your limited mind. The working of God's divine power is also very mysterious. Whatever we call mysterious means that it is beyond our mind. We cannot conceive it in our mind. His power of love is very mysterious. What we think is love, is not the way He loves us. Or His power of compassion, His power of forgiveness is extremely mysterious for us, because we are so imperfect. Because of our imperfection we cannot understand a person who is absolute, who is perfect. When we see Him, we see through our imperfections, and that's how we form our ideas according to our own imperfections, about God. Say for a small little ant, if you have to convey the political issue that is facing Britain today, is it possible? Because for the poor little ant, it is not even conceivable that we have a mind which thinks, which has imagination, which projects like an octopus, goes all round, catches this, catches that. It cannot even understand that we have a kind of a freedom by which we can do what we like. The conception cannot be contained in that little mind or little head of that tiny creature. But the difference between an ant and a human being is, that ant has no ego. Now the problem with human beings is, that despite the same co-relationship, or we can say, despite the same parallels as a human being and God, and ant and man, to top the whole thing is the ego part, which in a way makes us even lower than an ant. Because our reception is so poor, that we cannot see that there must be something mysterious about God.

God has to be a mystery for human beings. And to understand the mystery, we have to enter into a new realm, more than what we can really understand with this human awareness. There has to be another plane from which we should try to see this mystery, because we cannot understand anything about it, how He does it. I mean see now, in chemistry if you see the periodical laws that exist it's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Look at a little amoeba, how it acts, and look at small animals who live in the rivers and who live in the seas. The number of creatures that are living harmoniously, not like human beings but quite harmoniously. Accepting each other's demand even on the life. So with this freedom, and such a big mystery and a big ego in between, it's difficult for us to conceive Him, His greatness, His compassion, His love. That whatever He does, is for the betterment of our spirit. Even if he kills someone, it is for the betterment of the spirit. Even if He thrashes someone and throws him down many hills, it is for the betterment of your spirit. When he puts you to problems and troubles, it is for the betterment of the spirit. Anything that happens to you is a testing ground for the betterment of your spirit. He's working day in and day out just to improve your awareness in your spirit, to feel your spirit. Everything, the nature, the beauty, everything is working it out so that you, the human beings should feel His beauty, should know Him in your own awareness, should feel the vibrant love of God. For ages it has been worked out...imagine, since this world was created till today, with various Incarnations, who came on this earth to represent Her, to talk about Him, to work about Him, to improve our different centers within us."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 4, 1981  " Improving the Spirit "  Public Program  Hampstead, London,  U.K.