Canajoharie: This place has so many vibrations...

 It is such a great pleasure to see you all assembled here, and which is such a far-fetched place, away from the madding crowd. It's such a beautiful place, and which has vibrations. 

I selected this place suddenly from a very thick newspaper, American newspaper. The vibrations were just shooting out and I said, "What is this, coming from where?" And there was a little advertisement, and I said, "This is the place where we have to go." This place has so many vibrations, even in the advertisement.

So you can imagine how the guidance comes. It comes from vibrations,and that's how I was here and this place was selected by the divine Force, and it happened only in one day. Such a miraculous thing to happen in one day! It was taking so much time for them even to get this, and suddenly I told them, "Better get it." It all worked out, and we are now here in the most beautiful atmosphere.

Of course, you know that Red Indians were driven out and they came here to hide themselves. They were hiding themselves in this place so that they should not be crushed and destroyed forever. That era is over now, that era of domination, of entering into somebody else's land and occupying it, and considering it to be a great revelry. All that is over now, the human understanding has gone much beyond; and they understand that this is sinful, this is wrong, whatever we have done was wrong. But those people are no more. And the children and the grandchildren of those children of these people who were the children of God, they used to think, they do not like all that; because you have no right to take somebody's land like that and occupy it as your own. Of course, the land doesn't belong to anyone, but still wherever you are born, that's your land, and that land has to be kept with those who are born here who own it.

But this kind of aggression has been going on for ages now. Now the time has come to finish this, once for all give up this kind of adventure, is to enter into somebody's land or somebody's house and occupy it. But there's another kind of aggression I see now, is that they enter into the minds of the people now through their talk, through their all kinds of aggressive attitude, and the mind itself becomes a slave. The present times are like that, I think, where people have no freedom to think what is right, what is wrong, and also to take to right things. They have to accept whatever is happening around, whatever is immoral, whatever is destructive. One has to accept because still, I think, we do not have sufficient number of Sahaja yogis who can oppose all these adventures of modern times."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 20, 1999    Adi Shakti Puja    Canajoharie, N.Y.  U.S.A.