You have to desire it

" But God is not going to fall at everybody's feet that, "Please ask for it." That is your freedom. That is what you have to ask for. You have to desire it. You cannot give up your freedom nor it will be denied. It is respected. In the same way you cannot take God's freedom which doesn't fall at your feet. I request you to seek it. So now I'm talking about that All-pervading Power which you cannot see. I would say it is like a mirror which is God's reflection of various things. We cannot see the mirror because we stop at the reflections. Our attention is on the reflection, that's why we cannot feel the bliss.While the mirror is the one that is reflecting and all the reflections are changing. But because our attention is still in that dreamland of reflection we cannot feel that All-pervading Power. So now, is there any method within our being which is being raised by God Almighty? Because if He has created us He must have power which triggers this happening within us by which we become aware of that All-pervading Power.

I say there is a method; there is a special instrument within us which is being placed by God. Through our different stages of evolution He has placed different centers within us which are subtle centers in the spinal chord and there is a gate. Now these centers do exist within us and if you want to see these centers you can with your own eyes. You can visualize it. You can see, some people, I will show you, when they, we try to raise their Kundalini you'll see that this Kundalini will start pulsating. You can see with your naked eyes that triangular bone. In the triangular bone you can see the Kundalini pulsating and then you can also see the rising of the Kundalini if I tell you. And you can also see the pulsation of these centers in some. This may not be in every person. It may be in some few people this could happen, but not in every person, because if there is an obstruction here and there, then only the Kundalini pushes our centers too much, too hard, and that's how you see the pulsation very clearly. But some people have such beautiful centers and such beautiful Kundalini and such beautiful desire that it just rises straight, just like a jet."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 15, 1979  " Sahaja Yoga Introduction "  Public Program   Reading, U.K.