But whatever is unknown is not divine

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Since ancient times man has been searching the truth. He tried to search the truth in various forms of happiness and he discarded many a times because he found that happiness was not permanent. For a short time he felt happy with something and then he found it also gave him great unhappiness. Like a lady, she had no child so she used to weep and cry and she had a child who later on disowned her. Then human beings started seeking happiness by enjoying the power, the power over other men, the power over other countries, that also they were not very much satisfied.

Their children started feeling guilty about what their forefathers did. Then the movement started seeking something subtler most in the art and music. That also had limitations. It could not give that permanent joy to people. It is promised that one day you all have to have this permanent joy. And then they started challenging all such people who have prophesized and who have been promising that such a day will come. So many reached the conclusion that there is nothing like joy, that life is all the time on the cusp of the wave. Like two faces of a coin they thought happiness is always combined with unhappiness like day and night.

Despite all these conclusions human beings did not give up their search. They were seeking, they indulged into all kinds of enterprises, jumped into all kinds of dangerous things, followed all kinds of cults and gurus but they could not find that joy. This joy resides within us in another realm of which we are not aware. At the human awareness we cannot feel that joy. Human awareness is only judged by our mental projections. All our experiences are based on our satisfaction, on our ego, on our conditioning. We project our mind, imagine something and start following that. All human institutions are nothing but projections of the mind, which is a limited means. We are identified with different kinds of ideas or theologies, they are all mental projections. Or those who came from higher awareness also we dissolved them into these mental projections. Even the great scriptures were transcribed through this mental projection.

But this mind is a limited thing, which cannot enter into that subtle where we have to find the source of joy, the Spirit. As you know that if you have to study Microbiology or Histology you have to use a microscope. In the same way if you have to know about the Divine forces and the Divine Love, how they act, you have to become first the Spirit. The mental projection is a very dangerous thing sometimes, because it forms a big barrier away, very much away from reality. To supplant it, this barrier, one has to forget the mind for the time being. But whatever is unknown is not divine. If there is a mad man, he also has forgotten his mind but he is not divine. Or a person who is possessed is also not a person with divine understanding. So one has to understand that when it is said you have to know it doesn't mean that you have to know through your mind, you have to know through your Spirit."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 16, 1983   " Joy Has No Duality "   Public Program   Paris, France