The one who creates everything

 In Russia the people somehow are very open-minded. Not only that, the scientists specially are very open-minded and were suppressed very much, so they tried to find out the subtler things; not only finding out about chemicals or about some physical properties of the light, but they wanted to go into the subtler side. And they had found out already a great deal of knowledge about the auras - auras around the hand, auras around the body - they had done so much of research and it was accepted all over the world, their findings.

Now this gentleman was a specialist, I think, because he's a very well-known, very, very well-known person and he's holding a very big position. He was saying that he was - he has to run 150 organizations - very humble and very nice person. And when he came out with this discovery I was happy in a way, because scientifically if it is proved, then nobody can challenge it. He has already written a book with all the algebraical complications of what he wanted to prove. And he said there is a vacuum, beyond the consciousness there's vacuum, and in that vacuum only you can know the reality. And once all this becomes the reality it is a science, and that's how it is made into science. He showed so many of My photographs, specially the one where lot of energy is coming out of My Sahasrara when we are on a boat. So he said, "She is the Source of all the cosmic energy." And that's what is Adi Shakti is: She's the one who creates everything.

The whole atmosphere that we know of is very artificial, but when you understand what She has done... The first thing She does is to - in My book also I have written down about it, but I would like to tell you - that Her first, I should say, manifestation is on the left-hand side. That's the Mahakali's manifestation. So She comes on the Mahakali system, the left-hand side, and that is where She created Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is created because His purity, His innocence and auspiciousness, this had to be created before She created the universe."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     June 21, 1998    "You Must Develop Humility "    Adi Shakti Puja    Cabella, Italy