Without the confusion evolution cannot take place

We are expecting something great to happen and the happening that has to take place has been already described in all the scriptures. But somehow we are mislead by other people who have a better way of manifesting their own style and we get so confused because this is the time of great confusion. Without the confusion evolution cannot take place. Unless and until people are confused they will never try to aspire for something higher. If you see in the animal stage also, there was a confusion for the fishes to come out. And that confusion made one or two to lead the rest of them and that's how they could crawl onto this Mother Earth with confidence. So the areas started changing gradually. That from Mother Earth then they started looking towards the sky and evolution went on like this till the human beings were created. Now all these areas are within ourselves. These are all the elements into which we had to probe into. We had to find about them and through this evolution we have been able to look into these, to fathom them, to find out their nature through our intelligence. So we reached this point where we could understand the elements, we could understand their use for our purpose. So far so good but that's not the end. That's not the end of our evolution. If it was then there would have been no more search, there would have been no more seeking, people would have been happy, would have been satisfied but that's not so. So there has to be something more that we have to achieve.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 14,1982 " You Are All Bound By One Thread " Public Program Caxton Hall London,UK