How do we prove that there is God?

The first and foremost question is how do we prove that there is God?  Because you assumed that there is God because somebody has said, "There is God." Now what are the ways of proving this - that there is God? So we have to attack the question, first from the reasoning point that we should be able to tell people that there is God through reason not through experiencing, because they are to be prepared. There will be many who really do not believe in God but just out of fashion they're saying, "All right we accept" because they want to keep up peace and the compromise. But how you start about convincing them rationally? Perhaps I spoke in one of My lectures if you have that, I don't know if you have got it. But we can prove it - the existence of God. You may call it God or nature or whatever it is, from many point of view. For example in short we can say, "There are many scientific things we cannot explain".

We cannot explain how the periodic laws were established without somebody being there. Periodic laws of chemical substances of the elements that exist on this Earth is so regular and so properly plotted down that you can see there must be some plotter otherwise it cannot be done. I mean if you want to avoid it, you can avoid it but there must be someone. Say we come in this room and find everything properly organized, lit up and we should know there must be somebody who has done it...

People like Jung have proved the existence of collective consciousness...The existence of unconscious, which gives us dreams through which we get universal symbols. All over the world whether we are in India or in England or anywhere. The symbols are the same and he has done experiments with thousands of people. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 29, 1980  " How to Prove God Exists "  Dollis Hill ( London ) Ashram   U.K.