...they don't know what it is to be spiritual.

To raise your Kundalini is not so difficult and to give you so-called realization, also not difficult in the sense that you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of the fontanel bone area. You can get your baptism, but I call it so-called because the journey later is the difficult thing. If the attitude is not earnest then you just lose it in no time. So where the people are very ego-oriented, I should say, convex personality is there, it is even difficult to give realization to begin with, and even if you give realization, to maintain it and to make them grow is even more difficult, much more difficult. Now sometimes Sahaja Yogis ask Me, "Mother how is it that in India You may give realization to thousands and they all stick on, while here when you give realization to people they just come and go away, are all wasted as described in the parable of Christ of the seed, that some seeds just were lost in the rocks?" So why it happens here? I would not blame them but I would say that they have had no knowledge what Self- realization is, how difficult it is.

If you read Pantanjali's "Yogashastra" you'll be surprised how they were taught how to lead a good, righteous life after marriage, what was the relationship of a husband and wife, what was rhythm of sex life, how they should keep their children, how to develop their attention towards God every day. All these things are absolutely missing from the lives of people who have turned their backs to God. Now, whatever you may try, to turn your backs to God or to yourself, to your spirit, it exists and it asserts its own existence in you. It does. Even if you try to defy it and deny it, it comes up, and so people are seeking and seeking. The tragedy of the whole thing is that very great seekers have gone in the West where people have no knowledge what is Self-realization and what one has to do to achieve it and what a great blessing it is to have it. This is the biggest problem we face all over and now that I am going to America I also get the same problem there.

Now the thing is, people have full idea as to the value of a diamond. They know if the diamond is so many carats, it means this. If it is flawless it means this. If it is purest blue then it means this. But they don't know the value of their spiritual life; they don't know what it is to be spiritual. Under these circumstances, naturally, what happens that when even they get Self-realization they cannot stick on to Sahaj Yoga and grow further. Not that they lack in quality. I would say it is not so. I would not say they are the people who are good for nothing; they are not good for spiritual life. So all the Sahaj Yogis must have a very compassionate and understanding attitude towards them, that when they come to you they have no knowledge. They are not trained that way. They are not taught that way. I wished the people in the countries where they have lost themselves in the material gains should again read some of these books into details and try to find out what kind of life human beings were supposed to lead and what kind of life we are leading now.

Now the word there is yama,  nyama, is a word in the Patanjali Shastras, yama and nyama. The nyama are the rules for yourself, what rules you have to observe, and what rules you have to observe for others is yama, where, how to deal with others, what should be your relationship to your wife, to your children, to other relations that are there and how you must respect particular things and to prepare yourself for Self-realization, the ascent. All this balance has to be there if you are to ascend in life. Even to lead a proper good life you have to be like that.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 13,1983   Public Program   Porchester Hall   London, U.K.