Actualization: The Hypothesis to Test

But the theory that God exists, and that you are a part and parcel of that great thing, and that you have within yourself a Spirit in your heart, can be actualized, can be actualized. And should be seen from that. If it can be actualized, it's the greatest thing that could happen to human beings. Within us lies, if you see here clearly - this is of course a hypothesis which you may not have heard about. Doesn't matter. Because all this research I'm talking to you about, or all these theories that are theory for you today may not be tomorrow, of course. But these are not the work of one day, or two days, but thousands of years. Of the nature that created human beings, and of the human beings, those who went into the search of the topic.

Just like anything, I would say that, there is, say, gravity, existing in the Mother Earth. But it was found out by humans. So first it was created by some force, and was found out by human beings - in the same way, this all was created within us and was then later on discovered by human beings, who shut themselves away from the mundane research of the world, and the mundane things people are seeking. And then people themselves are trying to find out what are we here for. So it's the culmination today that is working out as en masse Realization. It's the culmination of all these people, and the culmination of all this knowledge. It is now being expressed, which is very rightly described in the Bible, in all the scriptures that at this time, it has to happen. The greatest of all was your great poet, William Blake, who has very clearly described these days. After Realization, you will know His importance. Perhaps in this country people have thought Him to be a visionary and some sort of a chemical action going in His head, that He saw all these things. But whatever He has said is coming true - every word of it. And to understand it you have to have this new awareness about which we are talking."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  June 18, 1981 " There Must Be Something Beyond "  Public Program  Hampstead, London,UK