That's how God shines within us

(The other) day in the ashram, I was telling you about our subtleties, the subtleties we have already within us which we do not understand. Could be from our sub-conscious mind, could be from our supra-conscious mind, could be from anywhere that is unknown to us; but the subtleties that lead us to our universal being is the one we should bother about...

The most important thing that God has to give us is His love, His connection with us, His kingdom, His powers. So the subtleties which we should really accept within us should be which takes you to the realm of joy, to the realm of collectivity.

Like suddenly you see a little child weeping on the street. You feel your heart is weeping, not that you feel guilty about it but you feel one with the child . Then definitely that subtlety of compassion that is God, is felt. But you don't feel guilty about it and you don't give him two p's or something to insult his ego. You do something very constructive about it, extremely constructive and you do it secretly; you don't like to tell anybody about it because you think it is vulgar to talk about your compassion. You do it so sweetly that the other fellow doesn't feel it. The whole act is such a beautifying thing. You don't announce it in the paper and you don't publish it in Who's Who or you do not go for a Nobel Prize or something. This is all very vulgar for the subtle thing that you worship within yourself, because that element within you is so much higher than all these gross considerations that you just care for that.

That is what God is. That's how God shines within us. Even before our realization, before our connection with God, He shines in some people even before they have been realized. You see that; they're quiet people. They're not show-offs. But they're very sincere, extremely kind-hearted. Such people when they face Sahaja Yoga, immediately they get their vibrations. They're not people who are worried about money, or they're worried about the gross things of life or achievements that are so stupid. Such people may exist as very ordinary people; they need not be at the helm of affairs, mostly they're not; because they're not ambitious. They do not want much success in life; they don't see any point in being very successful. They might be something very ordinary; they might be something, doing something very important also.

But in their lives, those who come in contact with them remember that, yes, there was a life or there is a life, definitely there's a spark. Because such a person being so subtle does not assert. Such a person cannot be very dominating, assertive, argumentative; such a person is quieter, his attention recedes from all quarrels and all squabbles of life. But such a person has a great position in the domain of God. That you've seen how in Sahaja Yoga suddenly you find people manifesting their divinity. Maybe such a person is too naïve for all practical purposes. He might have been cheated, might have been misled by some horrible people who try to exploit his seeking but still it remains. This element suddenly gets ignited in Sahaja Yoga and for such a person, this is the most important thing is to feel that being which always kept him away from all the rest of the ideologies and greetings and have always given him strength and confidence and joy. He sees that clearly in Sahaj Yog; he adheres to it and when he nourishes it, he's amazed that he has found himself. Then it becomes his life.

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 9,1980 " The Subtlety Within " Public Program Caxton Hall London, U.K.