Kundalini is your exclusive Mother

" Now try to understand that you have been very special people as human beings, and that you have to become the super human being we can call, the greatly evolved soul. We have so many, we had so many, and those we had we called them by different names. They were called as sufis and great masters. But they are not intelligent, normal to people, because unless and until you have the awareness which is enlightened by your Spirit, you cannot understand what they are talking about. Now the time has come for all of you to get your realization. You have been seeking for ages now, and it is already described in books that the day will come, the time will come. They call it as Kali Yuga. It is the worst time, that is now.

At this time people who are seeking God in the hills and dales will get into proper family life, and they will get their Self-realization through this Kundalini awakening. Now in the name of Kundalini also lots of nonsense has been said, which is surprising. How people accepted that a Kundalini can be dangerous, and a person who gets Kundalini awakening will be very much harmed. Now She is your Mother. Kundalini is your exclusive Mother. She knows each and everything about you, She knows about your faults and also your aspirations. Everything is recorded in Her, and She is extremely careful when She gives you this second birth and She takes up all the problems upon Herself. She doesn't bother you, She doesn't trouble you and She's the one who looks after your second birth. Again I say it is the actualization, actualization of baptism you can call it. But it's not the way they do. It's actualization, it happens that this rises, passes through six centers and pierces through your fontanel bone area and you do feel on your hands, fingers and out of your head the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. This has to happen. Otherwise whatever stories one may tell, you shouldn't believe. It has to show results. Now these centers that we have, all these seven centers are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

So many people get cured, many people have problems mentally, they get cured, and spirituality you get endowed with the absolute knowledge. Absolute knowledge, not knowledge that we learn in the schools or colleges, but the knowledge which is absolute. For example if you want to know about someone, you can ask a question, and you'll be amazed. If the question is yes, then you start getting the cool breeze flowing fast. But if it is no or it is wrong, then you might get little tingling, or might get very hot from those persons who are to be tested. It's a very, very interesting, precise and a scientific method. Now if there are doctors I would like to tell that you get in control with the para-sympathetic nervous system. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     June 1, 2000    Public Program   Wiltern Theatre   Los Angeles, Ca. U.S.A.