American democracy

"The basic principle by which this country became democratic was that this government is for the people, of the people, by the people. So it has to be people-oriented. But democracy at this stage without realization cannot work out. It's obvious. Few people who were cunning, who could make money became money-oriented. They could advertise better; they could manipulate better than other people who were crooks also, making money like that, through drugs, through other things, by other means. They could come up, they were elected, and they are in charge. So it is not people-oriented, but it is only money-oriented democracy. And maybe if it goes on like this, you'll find you might get some horrible crooks as rulers in this country. Because the one who can make money, the one who has lots of money, by hook or crook, whosoever may be, can win over elections and can become our ruler here.
So the democracy that was started or was spelled out by Abraham Lincoln is no more there; it's a money-oriented thing. And it has generated such a bad atmosphere all over the world that in the whole world now the conservatives, the people who think they are conservatives, who are money-oriented people, who don't care for people at all, now are becoming the leaders, everywhere. So to be people-oriented one had to, first of all, understand that you have to have your realization, otherwise you do not become a collective being. If you do not become the collective being, you cannot enjoy the beautiful virtue of generosity. And when you do not have that generosity, then you become a person of a very small mind and a small heart. And the crookedness works everywhere. Outside they're very sweet to talk. But inside don't know what they will do, how they'll deceive. In this kind of atmosphere we are."  

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    May 28, 1990 "      The Divine Discretion "     Camp Marsden    San Diego, Ca.  U.S.A.