Is there any purpose of our life?

"I bow to all the seekers of truth. I came to San Diego long time back and I'm very happy to come back here. When we talk of truth we have to understand that truth is not what we understand through our mental projections. Mostly the mental projections give us illusions. There is no reality behind them. Truth is an experience of the central nervous system. For example if this is cold I can feel it, it is cold. Even if a child touches this, it can feel it, it is cold. If it is hot we can feel it on central nervous system, that it is hot. In the same way the truth is to be known on central nervous system, not through mental projections. While we live on mental projections some people come and talk about truth, we think he is the man standing on truth. He represents truth. Somebody talks about compassion - we believe he's very compassionate he's very peaceful. But compassion does not speak, it is silent, it acts, it works. So one has to understand that to get to truth, to get to reality one has to cross the barrier of mental activity. Unless and until you understand this simple point, is going to be difficult to give Realization to people.

This is the basic trouble in the western countries that they think that they can conceive truth through their mental projections and that's why they have many types of truths. So how do we achieve it? How do we conceive it? What is the way? How did we become human beings from amoeba? Scientists must ask this question: "How did we become and why did we become? What was the purpose? Why the nature works so hard to make us human beings? Is there any purpose of our life?" We have not achieved our purpose. Is something in transition still. That's why there is confusion. There is confusion because we live on relative terminology, relative world. We are not in the absolute. Everything becomes absolute when you feel it on the central nervous system.

Now the confusion also comes because we always accept something that comes to us very new. Anything new we want to jump into it. Anything new we see, try it, why not? If you say: "Why do you do it?" they'll say: "What's wrong? We are seeking God, we are seeking the truth... " Anything new we try, but not in our lives we don't do that way. When we have to discover something about anything, say about electricity - we do not just try something new, but we try through the knowledge of the past, through the tradition of finding it out. We try to find out how far it has gone and where have we to reach.

But in spirituality we want to try everything that is new. And the shopping starts because we have not known what is the truth."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi May 29, 1985 Public Program San Diego, U.S.A.