This subtleness gives you certain powers

I'm really sorry for getting so late...It happens and whatever happens one has to accept. That's how the Divine works. Everything has some reasons. Now, they must have been able to explain to you what centers we have within ourselves and he has told you what is the mechanism within ourselves. It is all built within us during the different periods of our evolution. Every center is built like that.

Now, all this is built, like a pathway. By left and right you create the central path of your ascent. And when this pure energy of your desire ascends, is awakened, then it pierces through the last center what we call as Sahasrara, meaning the thousand petalled centre, which is the brain, we can say, or part of the brain which covers the limbic area. The Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and it resides in our heart. When the Kundalini touches the Sahastrara, the seat of the Spirit - which is reflected in the heart - gets enlightened. That doesn't mean the Spirit gets enlightened but the attention is like a sari, which is pushed in like this, and when it touches, it pierces through and the Spirit in the heart, which has the seat here, starts entering into our central nervous system.

So the first feeling you get is a cool breeze on top of your head. That's the first feeling. Second feeling you get is All Pervading Power because now you have entered into the subtle area of your awareness. Human awareness is gross at first but when you touch the Spirit, you become thoughtlessly aware. But there is no thought, the grossness goes away because thoughts disappear. And you become subtler. This subtleness gives you certain powers. The first power that you get is that you become, your awareness becomes collectively conscious. That you can feel another person on your fingertips - that means you become absolutely aware."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   May 30, 1985  Public Program Follow-Up    San Diego   U.S.A.