Modeling Respectful Behavior

Excerpt from a talk by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Burwood Ashram, Australia, March 05, 1992

I told you the story. Again I'll tell you the same story: that my father had a generous habit of educating boys from poor classes. That all we do. If we have money, we just don't put it for ourselves and indulge into it, but we always try to help our poor relations or poor people. So he always had four, five boys studying. They stayed in our house and they looked after them. One of them did his matriculation then he was doing his intermediate. He felt little obliged and he said, "Sir, if you allow me I would like to teach your children." He said, "All right, go ahead." We had two gates to enter the house: one which went through the courtyard, another through his office. One day, I don't know why, he came through his office and immediately my father stood up for him. Now he was extremely embarrassed. You see, he didn't know, just thought. Everybody got up. "Who is this gentleman has come?" Then he went inside, and he told My mother that "I touch your feet, but tell Sahib not to get up for me, it is too much, I can't just bear it." My father came in and he said, "Why should you be embarrassed? If I don't respect you, then my children won't respect you." You must try to be nobler people. It is ignoble habits should be given up, otherwise your children will be ignoble.

Prayer to Shri Mataji:

O Holy Shri Mataji, salutations to You who are clad in white robes, who are adorned with various ornaments, who exists everywhere in the universe and who are the Mother of the universe, salutations to You.

Let us always keep the children in our loving attention and give bandhans for their protection.