Every one of us has it

All the books, all the scriptures, which are true scriptures, have said one thing, that to know the truth, you are to be born again. That's not only in the Bible. You see if you take Patanjali, which is a very ancient book, it's not that  Patanjali asked you to stand on your heads, is wrong, it's just a wee, wee, wee, wee bit of it. But what Patanjali has written is that you have to achieve the truth on your central nervous system through your Atmudarshana, the word is written, meaning the experience of your Spirit.

Now English language has an advantage and a disadvantage. That the spirit could be the Atma, the spirit could be an alcohol. Or spirit could be a dead body, it could be any circumstance, but it is not so. There are three separate things, absolutely opposite to each other. So the Atma - the Spirit -  has to be found out, is said even by Mohammed Sahib, he said you are to become the Pir, is said by Zoroaster, is said by Lao-Tse, is also said by Zen. Buddha has said it, Mahavira has said it, every one of them has said it. So many religions have started in the name of God without going to the truth that you have to be born again.

Now you have to be born again does not mean that you certify yourself I am born again. Self certificate, you can call it, 'I am born again', but you don't become. What is so special if you are born again, what should be so? The human awareness at this level is just ready to be born again. And in Sanskrit the word, for a bird is Dwija, means born again, and also for a Brahmin who is born again. But those who call themselves Brahmins are not Brahmins. They just call themselves Brahmins. Have they come to know the Brahma, the all-pervading power of God? Those who say that they are born again should feel the all-pervading power of God around them, if they cannot feel it, they are not born again. So all these self-certificates are deception, self-deception and deception of others... is just a money making process.

So the truth has to be achieved through your evolutionary process, which is a living process. Again we must understand living process. Not through just talking, mental projections, sitting down here... big talk about it, or by giving you some courses, or taking some money from you, you cannot get it; it's a state in a living growth that proves that it is living. That means the state of our awareness has to be higher than what it is. If our state cannot rise then it is not of any use. Like the seed becomes the roots then the bark, the leaves, the flowers and then the fruit. Different states. In the same way a living religion must give you a different state and that state of religion is within us. Every one of us has it. When we go against that living religion within us, we go into imbalances."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 22, 1984   Public Program   South Bank Polytechnic   London, U.K.