What living work have we done?

We are here because we are seeking. We are seeking something of the beyond, because we have a feeling within us that there is something that is beyond. But we have no guideline to understand what we have to do about it. In all the scriptures it was described that there is higher life, there is eternal life, there is Kingdom of God where you have to enter, that you are to be reborn. All this is Greek and Latin to most of the people.

And how to achieve it is another problem that faces us. For this we must ask one question to ourselves: what have we done to achieve this human state? From amoeba to this state how did we come? Do you know what you did, what effort you put in, how many times you were standing on your heads... breaking your bones? Did you see any cockroach working it out? Did you see any dog doing that or did you see yourself any time? Have you any memory of that? What have you done? In any human behavior have you seen that for doing anything important we have to do something about it? For example, we have eyes. We have them. We haven't done anything about getting them. They have been fixed properly, and this nose being fixed just in the center. We haven't done anything about it either. All this that we are supposed to be of which we are very proud. We think we are Mr Such and Such and Such and Such. You see Mr Ego part. We must know first of all that this we have not done. We have not created ourselves.

What else are we creating? Let's see. We have created this thing [INAUDIBLE]. Now this is all dead, from dead to dead. What living work have we done? Anything? Can you sprout a seed? Can you, even one? Even one you can't. So that means we have done nothing so far. It is only a myth that we believe into that we do this and we do that. Some people travelling by train, if they put their luggage on their heads and think that they are carrying the luggage, what will you call them? It is the same way, is our being created especially for a special purpose. You may call it God. You may call it nature, whatever you may call it. But it is not done by you by any chance. Once you understand this then the second point comes in. What, how are we to be Self-realized? How are we to be in that consciousness? So the answer is you cannot do it [sir]. If it is a living process you cannot do it by anything. You cannot work it out. It's difficult to understand this proposition. But it's a fact that you cannot do anything living and you cannot do this most dynamic thing within you that you take your second birth. If you could accept this assumption then we can go further, that you cannot do anything about it.
So now we come to this conclusion that somebody must do it. The one who have done so far is going to do it again. The one who has made this has also put a code with it. He has made all the arrangements. In the same way the one who has created you has made all the arrangements in your machinery, in your instrument, in this living machinery. He has created you so beautifully you can't imagine. And then here you are today just to be connected. And this can only be done through the Grace of God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 30, 1979   " When in Darkness "   Dollis Hill  ( London ) Ashram  U.K.