So, lethargy is not going to pay

That made Me think about England, that we have to know that this country also may face a phase, if we do not get up now. You see it's all right to divert your attention to Falklands and all that, but it cannot feed you. So, we have to understand, all the Sahaj Yogis must understand, that they all must have some sort of a degree or something on the paper; that's very important. And though you are all realized souls and you are spiritually so endowed, everything is there, but you have to think of the whole. If the country completely goes down in its production and its capacity to activate itself, you will go down, too. So, your attention should be now, of course, you should not be materialistic, but towards putting more activity into you, even in Sahaja Yoga, in meditating, in working it out in yourself.

So, lethargy is not going to pay. And this is one thing, is such an inertia, such an inertia that exists, that unless and until you really put in complete willpower, this inertia may not be combated, may be very difficult, even in Sahaja Yoga. You see, it is very easy to escape and explain, you see, yourself, "Oh, I got up and, you know, this happened, that happened." But, I think the symptoms are of a very dangerous type and as Sahaja Yogis you have to be very patriotic about it and you have to think about it. After all, you are symbols of the English people. Whatever works out in you will start working out in the rest. So, how you behave towards yourself and towards the general atmosphere is very, very important.

Now, towards Sahaja Yoga also the attitude has to be understood very clearly. You see, like a Maharaja in India who lives in quite great comfort first of all, lives like a lord and he orders about, you see, and then everything is lost. But, still he talks like a lord, behaves like a lord. His whole thing is the same way, though, it's not that the kingdom is there, that he's the ruler, but he'll talk like that to everyone, because the habits are formed. I think the mind also has formed a habit. The whole atmosphere is charged with such ego since long and that's why towards Sahaja Yoga also, the attitude has to be humbler, much humbler, because without humility you cannot do. That's one thing you must understand. It's no question of you rationally saying something about it or explaining about it. But, you see, basically one has to be extremely humble.

First of all, it's a very big privilege to get realization. You know that. It's a greater privilege to do it, and it's the greatest to be a Sahaja Yogi. Is a very great privilege that you have, which very few people have and you are the ones who are chosen specially. But, the humility part of it is still missing about Sahaja Yoga . Like, we should ask, "Make me a better Sahaja Yogi, a humbler Sahaja Yogi, a compassionate Sahaja Yogi, a sweeter Sahaja Yogi. Dissolve my ego." This is very important, we must understand, because whatever works out in you, will work out in this country."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 7, 1982 " You Must Improve Yourself " "Nirmala Palace" London, U.K.