Adi Shakti is a complete personality

Today it's a different day altogether for all of you, because this is the Puja of Adi Shakti. And Adi Shakti is a complete personality, it's not only the left side that you know. You all know only the left side, from Shri Ganesha through the ascent of different, different chakras on the left side. I didn't want to tell you about the right side to begin with, because those who have gone through the right side got just lost.

They got Gayatri Mantra from the writings but they didn't know what it was about, they just used to learn it by heart. They didn't also know the real meaning of it, and that is how they moved on the right side and, I don't know, they landed up at the Agnya; and then they were trying for the Self-realization. They were promised that if you do this right side properly, you will reach to the ultimate goal of Self-realization. But none of them reached there. Most of them got into a terrible temper, terrible temper of cursing others, of destroying others. All these things they learnt through their right-side movement. There was no kundalini awakening, and they were made to go up to the, at the most, Agnya Chakra, and then they collapsed into different places of complete ignorance.

All these books were written without understanding that it's not easy to go via right side, but best was to awaken your kundalini. The kundalini directly takes you up in the center of all the chakras, up to the Agnya and crosses Agnya, and goes beyond Agnya into the Sahasrara, and then it pierces through the Sahasrara.

Now, what is so important about the Brahmarandra, from where it pierces? I never told you about it. But now I think for most of you the time has come. You see in the childhood the child has a talu, is the fontanel bone area which is pulsating always. It is pulsating because the spirit entered through that area, and when you close it, it settles in the heart. Now you have to become the spirit-oriented person, but how to enter into the Sahasrara was the problem."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 23, 2002 Shri Adi Shakti Puja Cabella Ligure, Italy