You have to achieve is self-knowledge

The other day we had a conference with the Hatha Yoga people and told them that in Hatha Yoga there are eight parts, ashtangas, eight parts. Only a wee bit part of one of them is exercise. And this exercise also, is to be done according to the need of the person, or it can complicate your body. It can trouble you. So, the real achievement of Hatha Yoga is also thoughtless awareness. What Patanjali has said? He has said that there should be thoughtless awareness and then there should be doubtless awareness. In those days, one had to work very hard to achieve it. Among thousands of people, one person used to achieve. Also same thing about Tao or about Zen system. One has to go through a great practices years after years to reach the satori stage...

Now this has been absolutely reduced to ten minutes exercise. Like we first build now the dome of the temple and then the temple. Like we raise the Kundalini by which you get the light, light of your Spirit. Maybe little, but you do get. In that light you see yourself. As I always give you the example of a snake in My hand. There is darkness and I am very egoistical and I can't see what is in My hand. Till the snake bites Me, I don't believe it is a snake. Anybody tells Me, I won't listen. But as soon as little light comes in, I through away that snake. In the same way, you throw away whatever is destructive in you.

I never say, "Don't do this and don't do that." I do not say about the Ten Commandments. These are not the days for Ten Commandments. But let them have their own light. In their own light they can see what's wrong with them. They become their own masters, they become their own gurus and let them grow in reality.

That is what Sahaja Yoga is, today's Sahaja Yoga. "Saha" is "with", "ja" is "born with you," is the right to become a self-realized personality. In these special times, I call it a blossom time, which is definitely, believe Me, is the Last Judgment. If you want to go to hell, you can go to hell and if you want to go to Heaven, you can go to Heaven also. It is your choice and in this choice, you are free to decide what you want. Somebody asked Me, a newspaper lady once, "what is the proof that it is the Judgment time?" I said that "you can see from..." You must have seen the photographs, miraculous photographs. There were never cameras before. So, Mohammad Sahib said, "Don't make My picture." And Christ's pictures are, sometimes He looks like a Catholic Roman or He looks sometimes like somebody from France or somebody from England, depending on the artist.

But now, these cameras are doing wonderful work, I should say. They are producing such miraculous photographs, that I am amazed, but to prove that this is the Last Judgment, so be careful. So, what you have to achieve is self-knowledge, to begin with. So you know which of your centers are catching, where are you in trouble."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 1, 1996   Public Program   Bucharest, Romania