Only way to grow is to be collective

... if you do not try your hand and if you do not try to give Realizations to others, firstly you'll have no faith in yourself. You'll have no self-esteem also.
The second part is that you try giving vibrations to other persons, but don't get involved with that person. I've seen some people who get too much involved. If they give Realization to one person, they think they have done a great job and they start working on that person, his family, his relations, this thing. So, so far, as you must have learned, that one may be related, one may be closer to one person, but not necessarily he will have that lmuch of chance of Self Realization. Only way to grow is to be collective. There's no other way out. If people think that by staying away from ashrams, alone living somewhere they will achieve much - that's not the way Sahaja Yoga is meant.

Formerly, people used to go to Himalayas and most of them were separated and only one or two persons were chosen for spiritual growth. Here it is not question of spiritual growth, it's a question of your collectivity growing in you. That is how you become a person who is collective, who enjoys the collective, who works on collective and lives with the collective. Such a person develops new kind of powers. And these powers are such that they are very subtle, but they penetrate into any molecule, atom or human beings, anywhere. And their penetration is only possible if you have a temperament which is collective. Without being fully collective, you cannot achieve that height which is very necessary today for Sahaja Yoga. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 20, 1997   Guru Puja   Cabella Ligure, Italy