As I yesterday I told you, that on your central nervous system you should be able to feel others and yourself, which is inside.

Now for example, a person who is mad. When he started becoming mad, he did not realize. He did not realize he's already possessed and that he's getting mad, and that he should have treatment - nothing he realized. Gradually he became mad, and he is in the lunatic asylum. Or a person who gets a cancer does not know he has developed a cancer, till they say that now it's hardly fifteen days you have to die.

This is on physical level, mental level. A person who is egoistical does not know that he is egoistical, that he's oppressing others, and others are a part and parcel of himself. Like Hitler never realized that he was such a horrible devil, that he will go to hell. And those who were around Hitler that time did not realize that a devil is growing in this society, that a devil is going to come. Nobody realized everything, and suddenly after eleven years he's comes back as a horrible destructive satanic force. So if you read the books written before his regime, they were actually supporting him. Because they said that "We are getting decadent, our society is decadent and we need a person who'll take us to austerities and who will make us a little disciplined. We need discipline, we must have discipline," and so they liked him. Even the young students liked him. When he went to the universities he charmed them by saying, "We must have discipline, we should be austere, you should not eat this food, you should not that food, you should become very austere." And that thing was very much appreciated by the young people. They did not realize whether this man was a devil or not.

Now knowledge is such that in that you see the subtle of yourself and subtle of others. And the subtle of  our ours and the subtle of others resides in the chakras. These are the chakras which reside within us, and these chakras are the ones who cater to the need of any emergencies we have. For example, if we have to run very fast, we can run very fast. Our heart starts beating, the sympathetic goes into action, then these chakras bring it back to normal, by supplying proper energy to that part which has been over-used. They bring it back to normal. When, say, on the left-hand side and the right-hand side we have two extraction of the sympathetic nervous system, when this extraction is too much on the chakras, these chakras get separated. And there is a deity in every chakra, and when that deity sleeps off there is a separation from the whole, because that is how we are connected with the whole. You see, supposing this is the vertebra, it's like this: once it is broken off, you are broken off from the whole. The control is lost. Once the control is lost, then you start working on your own. Once a cell starts working on its own, it becomes malignant. It loses that relationship with the whole which gives it balance, a sense of proportion and coordination, how much to grow, and that's how cancer is set in.

In the society also nowadays, because the society is becoming ego-oriented, we go on saying, "What's wrong? What's wrong in this, what's wrong in this?" There is a dharma within us. We have got ten dharmas, the ten sustainers within us, the Ten Commandments that we have to obey - why? Because if you go out of them, then you go into an imbalance. And if the imbalance is set in, then you can develop any one of these problems which come out of imbalances. That is how we cannot cure cancer, because we cannot make the cells go back to its normal condition. At the most, what we can do is to remove the cells from the body who start attacking others and making them also ego-oriented. But we cannot make them again normal cells. Only through vibrations you can do it, because when you vibrate these centers they become more powerful, they expand their aura so the circle that was small becomes bigger, engulfs both the sides and bring them together, and again the deities are awakened and the cells start getting the message from the whole.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 11, 1982   " Becoming the Knowledge "   Public Program   Derby, U.K.