As a result of self-realization what happens!

As a result of self-realization what happens ? That's the point. Firstly, you start feeling the Divine vibrations on your finger tips. Divine vibrations like cool breeze and it starts flowing through your hands. You'll be amazed when it first happens you start doubting. I know people who went and closed their doors and windows, wanted to test and find out if they had those cool breeze. You have it. Is a sign of yourself, and within this, pure vibrations. As a result of that so many other things can happen. But the most important thing is that you become a very peaceful person. You'll become a very balanced person and you become that witness about which all the religions have talked. You get to the state of that witness. And once you become the witness, you see the whole picture, the whole world in a very different manner. You become the witness. It's a state in which you watch everything. You do not react but you watch and your presence itself will help people."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi      August  22, 2002     Public Program New York, USA.