I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis and all the seekers of truth. It seems
Romania is a special place where there are so many seekers of truth.
And very deep and truthful they are about it. Sahaja Yoga is the power
of compassion and love of God Almighty. But it's not just talk,not
just giving you a lecture or a sermon, but it is actualization of the
experience of this Divine Love. It is spirit-oriented, not
money-oriented, nor is power-oriented. All the religions have failed
outside because they are not Spirit-oriented. Now, of course, they are
challenging us and saying all kinds of wrong things about us because
they are frightened that they will be exposed.

But truth will prevail now. The time has come for truth to prevail. It
is surprising that people don't understand that truth is love and
compassion. If you really love somebody, you know everything about
that person, that is how the Divine Love is, which knows everything
about everything. It is the knowledge that you get when you fall into
the ocean of love, an ocean, you fall into the love's ocean. One has
to know that truth is what truth is, you cannot change it, because it
is absolute. You cannot transform it, you cannot sell it. You cannot
pay for it. It has to be really understood that if you have to know
the truth you will know because the time has come, and that you are
the human beings at the epitome of evolution.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 1, 1995 Public Program Bucharest, Romania