Today is the day for people to seek. Thousands of people are seeking. They are fed up with whatever they have been doing - they are fed up with it. They are not seeking out of fashion. Many people think that it's a fashion, they're a lost race and they are this and they are that. It's not true. There were never so many seekers as there are today, and they are seeking. Maybe they do not know what they are seeking, but they are not satisfied with their state of affairs, and they are seeking something higher. And that 'higher' is the Absolute... is the Absolute. Now, this 'higher', if it is the Absolute, everything must relate to it. Absolute point means everything is related, for example, if you have a one meter here, if you say it is five meters, that means this is five times than the gold rod you have got in Paris which is called as 'one meter'. Everything has to be related to that Absolute, and that relationship then establishes the relationship with each other."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi      August 16, 1982     " A Disaster or Solution to Come"    Caxton Hall  London  UK