Conversion to "isms" is not the answer - Shri Mataji in Ukraine

For example the first attack came to us we can say in Ukraine through communism. So we had our faith in communism. It has done one thing good that it did not allowed you to have faith in fundamentalism. But today the greatest danger is that there is a vacuum in Russia and also in Ukraine and we may jump into some sort of a fundamentalism. I'm told there are people who have come to convert into Hinduism. They are giving food and trying to entice as the missionaries did in India. By conversion you do not receive truth. You have to have your transformation, not conversion. Any fundamentalism whether it is Christianity, or Hinduism, or Islam is very dangerous. There is a universal religion within us. Because all these religions were born on the tree of spirituality at different times. On the same tree of spirituality. Then people pluck these flowers and started saying, 'These are mine, these are mine'. They are fighting with these dead flowers. As long as there will be one following, one book to be followed, then there will be always quarrels. In the name of God how many people were killed in these fights? This kind of just a feeling or a kind of a concept that we are the chosen ones is extremely dangerous. We have to now understand these are the most important times of spirituality. I call it a blossom time. But it is said that these are the Last Judgments. That means you have to use your wisdom to judge what is right and what is wrong. Whatever is false is not going to help us at all, it has not helped any one so far. What is going to help is your own ascent.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 13, 1992    Public Program    Dynamo Stadium    Kiev, Ukraine