Statutes of the Statue

This kind of a thing is moving today in the country where you live,
and if you have to save it, you have to turn their faces towards God.
You have to turn their faces towards Self-realization. And this is a
very, very difficult task for which you all Sahaja yogis, I request
you and I pray for you, that you develop that kind of a power which is
the power of Vishnumaya that you shine with the power of Vishnumaya.

When I see your Statue of Liberty, I think she is the Vishnumaya here
standing. Why didn't they make a man stand there, why a woman? She is
the symbol of the sister, of Vishnumaya, and if you have to have your
liberty, have it - but liberty of wisdom, not of stupidity. And this
is what I have to tell you today in this great country of Shri
Krishna, that you'd better be on the lookout. Better be on the
lookout. You can say that She really rules in a proper way in South
America, and that was Her domain, too. And there electricity is not so
prevalent. But the perversion has started because they started
producing cocaine and other horrible things to spoil your Left

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 9, 1987 Vishnumaya Puja New
York, N.Y. USA