Your art, music, and gestures

So this principle of Shri Krishna is so important that at the state,
as you call it, the Vishuddhi chakra, we become complete, in the sense
that when the Sahasrara is opened out for you and you start feeling
the vibrations, you are not yet fully complete. If you were just
complete then it would have been an end of your evolution, because at
that stage, if you had finished it, then there was no need to have
Sahaja Yoga. But actually it means that once the Sahasrara is opened
out, then you have to come down to your Vishuddhi chakra, that means
to your collective. If it is not working on your Vishuddhi chakra, the
enlightenment on Vishuddhi chakra, you cannot feel the vibrations.

In your art, in your music, in your gestures, in every way, your hands
are very important. But Vishuddhi chakra also plays a part, as you
know, on the sixteen chakras or the sub-plexuses which look after our
face, our ears, nose, eyes, neck, all these things are looked after by
Vishuddhi chakra. As a result also, you can become great actors, you
can have eyes which are innocent, you can have a skin which is
shining, you can have ears which can hear the Divine music, you can
have a nose which shows your dignity."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 6, 1988 " State of Witnessing "
Shri Krishna Puja Garlate, Italy