To grow, meditate

You can meditate any time, but four o'clock is the time... that's too much for you, but I should say, about six o'clock. Six o'clock is the time when, you see, you are away from the day's problems because so much time has passed and that's the time when you are in a state where you are silent, you're now getting up. Now supposing you have to go to work at seven. Then you must do your meditation by about five. So five o'clock you get up whichever way you like, at least you get ten, fifteen minutes free where you'll meditate. Because then you'll have to get ready, you've to go. So one hour you take to get ready. Before that if you can get up, I tell you, you'll just practice it, it would be very helpful. It's not that it is compulsory, "If you don't meditate you'll go to hell," nothing of the kind, Sahaja Yoga is not like that. Only in Sahaja Yoga one thing is there, if you have to grow then you have to meditate, and that's the best time for individual meditation, for individual meditation. And that's how one has to do it."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 31, 1991   Krishna Puja    Cabella Ligure, Italy