You have to be innocent like children

 So Shri Krishna decided that 'First of all we must remove them from this conditioning. And this conditioning has to be removed in such a manner that they enjoy themselves.' Then He found out, there were three suggestions as far as achieving the goal was concerned.

So first one, as He says, is to become a realized soul, Sthitapragya, to go beyond all temptations, go beyond all ego, go beyond all kinds of conditioning and to become a Sthitapragya. Sthitapragya is where he doesn't feel like ordinary people attracted towards things, but he's absolutely detached. And this detached person doesn't take to any grievances, jealousies, all these things. That He told. But how to achieve it He never told. And the second thing He described is that you must work. You have to work. After all, you have got all the human tendencies - is to work. But the fruit of the work, you leave it at the Lotus Feet of God or you may call the Divine Power. This is another trick of His, because He realized how human beings were twisted and how they had a ego. If you tell them something, how they'll misinterpret it. So He took the other way round, that tell them something absurd. Now whatever work you do, your ego is intact and with that ego, you can never give it up at the Lotus Feet of the Divine, then impossible. So He made an impossible situation, that after some time people will realize that this cannot be done and they'll give up this idea of leaving everything at the Lotus Feet of the Divine. This was the one how He prepared the land.

Second thing He said, "Pushpam phalam toyum. Flowers, fruit and water. Whatever you offer Me, I will take it. I'll take it." But when you do that, when you do that you must have ananya bhakti. Ananya means completely single-minded bhakti, when there is not the other. This is only possible after realization. Only after realization you can put the fruits of your work at the Lotus Feet of the Divine. And only after Self-realization you can have ananya bhakti - means the devotion which is singular. These absurd conditions He put for human beings because they were so much complicated.

...Now when you are entering into the kingdom of Virata, you have to be like children. You are children there. As children you enter. As Christ has said, 'When you enter into the Kingdom of God you have to be like children.' And that's what you have to be today, all of you to be innocent like children. You have to be innocent like children."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 5, 1999    " Rise Above the Ego "  Shri Krishna ( Virata ) Puja  Canajoharie, NY USA