A Peaceful Mind

So first and foremost thing we have to know that a new awareness has to come within us. It's not by chanting, by going into Himalayas, standing on one leg, or standing on your head you are going to get it. It is something within you, which is going to work it out. What did we do to become human beings, nothing. In the same way, I'm trying to tell you that it's all within you, it's there, and you are going to get it. You have every right to get it. There is an appeal from Mother to Her children that they should try to understand what they want and what they should have. They have to evolve. They have to transform. We talk of peace, peace, peace, peace, peace. I have met so many people who have got this peace award, really I tell you. Because of my husband's position, I had to shake hands with them also. It was bad - and extremely hot and extremely hot-tempered, you know. My goodness, you can't face them without a barge pole. And they have got peace awards. What peace have they created? For those who are not in peace themselves, how can they give peace? The person who talks of peace should have at least a peaceful mind.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 24, 1996   Public Program    Los Angeles, Ca. USA