Passing the Torch

But these are special blossom times where all of you have to become
fruits. So many flowers were there on this earth and you have to now
become the fruits. It is very heartening to see that in Russia and
Ukraine, people are so spiritually sensitive.

It is very, very blissful for all of you to be realized souls. All
this collective happening is definitely going to bring very great
emancipation for the whole world. There are problems in our country,
but now I am telling all the Sahaja yogis that whatever you have got,
you must project that power of the Goddess, deliberately. It is very
enjoyable to be a Sahaja yogi. Also, you are spreading Sahaja Yoga
very fast, just like fire. Because this land surprisingly, these both
the countries, are so much sensitive to spirituality. But this power
of the Goddess that you have got within yourself has now to be
deliberately projected. For example when I, once I came here when you
were having a coup, very difficult time and perhaps, I managed it. But
now you all can manage, you all can project.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi September 17, 1995 Shri Devi Shakti
Puja Moscow, Russia