Four types of Yoga according to Shri Krishna

There are four types of Yoga, described so far, by Shri Krishna, because he was a diplomat and He was very aware that people are stupid. He tried to befool them. Because they won't accept anything straightforward. So the first one He said that is Gyana Yoga, means you achieve it and you become the knowledge. 

The second one, He says, is Karma Yoga, which means that whatever you do you leave it at the Lotus Feet of God. But that is not possible, is an absurd condition. You can't just do it. Because as long as you have ego, you are just mentally thinking like that, but you are not really doing it. You have to do something; then you know you are doing it. Only when you get your Realization, then only you say 'it is going, is coming' -  the energy. Then you don't say, 'I do'. 

Now, the another thing He told is about Bhakt -Yoga, is worshipping God. So He says, in Bhakti Yoga He has used a very interesting word called Ananya. So He said that if you do Ananya Bhakti, then that is perfect. But Ananya means when you are connected with it, when you are one with it. So those who go on praying to God without connection are like people who are telephoning without connection...

The fourth thing He has described is the Raja Yoga. There is described that something should happen... something within us, and there's a tree of life, and that when it happens, then only you get connected.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 10, 1981    Public Program    Orleans, France