Who is this "Me?"

In the evolutionary process we have reached up to the point where we
can be called as human beings. But we have not reached our highest
goal because we do not know the Absolute Truth. The truth about you is
that you are not this body, this mind, this intellect, these emotions.
Also you are not these conditionings and this ego. You say, 'My
intellect, my emotions, my body'. It's all 'my'. Who is this "Me?" So
this is what is going to happen now that you have to become the
Spirit. Because you are the Spirit.

The second great Truth is that; you see these flowers; they are all
miracles of a beautiful garden. We take them for granted; we don't
even wonder how they have been created by this Mother Earth. Who does
this work? Who runs our heart? If you ask doctors, they'll say, "It
is autonomous nervous system". But who is this "Auto"? So we have to
understand that there is some Power, which does this. This Power is
the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. In Koran they call it "Ruh".
And in the Bible they call it as the "cool breeze of the Holy Ghost".
Indian Scriptures it is called as "Param Chaitanya". Patanjali has
called as "Ritam Bhara Pragya". Whatever name you may call It, but It
exists all the time into every part and parcel of Creation,and does
all the living work. We can not explain the living work. As you know
science is very limited. It can not say why are you on this Earth.
What is the purpose of your life. What is your identity. Also it is
immoral. Out of science people have created atom bombs and all kinds
of things without any discrimination. You too have here this disaster
- Chernobyl. All this is because of unlimited movement of science.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi September 18, 1994 Public Program
Ukrayina Palace Kiev, Ukraine