Attention and sub-conscious

The other day I talked to you about the left side power that we have
by which we desire. In Sahaja Yoga language we call it as Mahakali
power. And this power gives us the left side which is our
subconscious. And the subconscious gives us the conditioning. Through
our subconscious only we become conditioned. Now how does our
subconscious takes the conditioning ? In between the thought there's a
very little space which we can call as the silence, as the present.
But the thought that comes to you rises and falls off, stops for a
while and again another thought starts and falls off. The first
thought that rises, we can see the rising of the thought, not the
falling of it. And when it falls it goes into the subconscious.
Another one also rises. It rises and again it falls; it goes into the
subconscious. That's how our subconscious starts building up. How do
the thoughts come into us? Thought comes to us because human beings
when they look at a thing they have a method of projecting their mind
into it.

Now, to take this attention inside is the problem. This attention has
to go to the, to the Spirit. It's not sort of reacting they have. But
this attention has to go to the Spirit. When the subconscious acts,
for example, I put My, say, attention onto this chair. All right ? So
now, if I'm not attached to it I see it just as a play. After
realization I can see it. But before realization to me, this is a
precious thing. This is my possession, this is my home and this one is
an emblem of some sort of my residence, whatever it is. All these
ideas come to my head. Then I get involved into this one. Then this
becomes a conditioning factor. Supposing something happens to this
chair, then I'm finished. I can even become mad. I can go to the mad
house. That may happen. People do. I mean, for something material they
can go into madness. But this has nothing to do with you, see it's
nothing, it's outside, is outside, it is not inside. Here we are. So
they divide these methods, these are make-beliefs, really
make-beliefs. And the subconscious gives us a make-belief. But once I
have heard, today we had this laughing and this on, and, say that I
believe, of course I believe. I say it, all right, I say it. What,
what is it? I believe in God. So, are you obliging God or yourself ?
It's difficult for us to understand that whether believing or not
believing, God exists. Whether you like it or not, He exists. But then
the projections start moving in such a way that we start even bonding
Him, according to our conditioning.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi July 29, 1981 " Conditioning " Public
Program Caxton Hall London, U.K.