Innocence is paramount for spiritual growth

It is so Sahaja today that the day of celebration has fallen onto the birthday of Shri Ganesh. Every month they celebrate the fourth day of the moon as the birth date of Shri Ganesh, and today is that date. Luckily, we are here for the Puja of Shri Ganesha on His birthday. I've said a lot about Shri Ganesha and His importance in our life. He's the giver of wisdom, but this wisdom comes from our innocence. Innocence that is innate within us. As children we are innocent, but as we grow we start exerting ourselves in a manner that we start losing our innocence. We lose it in two ways; once we have lost our innocence, we cannot believe that others could be innocent. Another is, that we think innocence is not important. Innocence is the sustenance, is the basis of spirituality. If a person doesn't have innocence, he cannot rise in spirituality.

That's why the first job of Sahaja Yoga is to establish Shri Ganesha within you, to awaken Him. As soon as the Kundalini awakens, you must know that, Shri Ganesha comes into being. Without His awakening within you, the Kundalini cannot be raised. But it could be temporary, or it could be a permanent thing. It could be very temporary with people who are not yet adjusted to the new method, or to the ways of God's love. Those who have not understood, or those who have not gone through those traditions, is rather difficult for them to establish Shri Ganesha within them. At this point I find, there are people who fight with their problems, and try to overcome the outward problems, and establish Shri Ganesha. But there are other people who are still not there; they start doubting others' innocence. In Sahaja Yoga is a very common failing. I've seen people complaining about others, saying that their innocence is not established. Is the first sign that your own innocence is in danger. Because you doubt yourself, you are doubting others. If you are doubting others, then be sure that you are not going to gain anything. Your job is to look after yourself, and not others. And if you start doing like this, gradually in your mooladhara, there will be lots of these bhoots, that will just jump in. And they'll give you more ideas, and more ideas of doubting others. By doubting others, you can never correct them, and never yourself. So those people who indulge into this kind of practices, go away from their innocence. They try to find out what others are doing, what are their ways of using other people in Sahaja Yoga, for their own purposes. Or some sort of a funny spy-like attitude, they develop. In Sahaja Yoga, you have to only spy yourself, and not others.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 21, 1984  Shri Ganesha Puja   Nasik, Maharashtra, India