Nabhi Chakra

The music was very fine and elevating to all of you. The effect of music in Sahaja Yoga is tremendous, and if a Sahaja Yogi sings the song it's so great that it acts like a mantra upon My being. So I'm very thankful to Mrs. Venogopalan for singing such a beautiful song today. It stirred Me completely... 

Today I will tell you about the Nabhi Chakra which deals with this honesty of seeking. Nabhi Chakra is the center which controls or manifests outside in the gross as Solar Plexus. Nabhi Chakra has two sides: one is the left, another the right, and one in the center. So on the left hand side is the Gruha Lakshmi, on the right hand side is the Raja Lakshmi or Gaja Lakshmi and in the center is the Lakshmi which ascends into Mahalakshmi.

When the seeking starts, a human being first starts seeking food. Food is very important for all the animals. If they have no food then they cannot exist. So the seeking starts with food, and when the shelter is sought, they try to find the water. So this center is made of water and in this center resides the Deity of Shri Vishnu or Narayana; and His power, as I told you, is Lakshmi and then Mahalakshmi. You will find out in Sahaja Yoga that gradually you start developing one power and then the other. Everyone who comes to Sahaja Yoga, if they are truthful and not involved with any wrong things, then definitely they are helped in Lakshmi Tattwa, means their well-being is looked after. As Krishna has said, "yogakshema vahaamya." So He looks after the kshema part of it. Everyone who has been to Sahaja Yoga has been helped miraculously also in the Lakshmi Tattwa, that means materially. In so many ways they are helped, that one has to just see for themselves how these miracles take place. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 31, 1983   " Nabhi Chakra "   Public Program  Delhi, India