From yesterday's program and all these days we must have realized that to get your Kundalini working out, to get Her to rush towards the Sahasrara and to widen your Shushumna Nadi it is not necessary that you should sit for meditation for 3 to 5 hours. Of course, you must meditate for a short time because that is at a point where you are alone, one with your God. But otherwise in the collective when you emerge into it then the Kundalini rises the same way. It's a very discrete way of understanding what happens. In the collective, when you are, you compensate each other, compliment each other and the subtler side of the cosmos starts manifesting in you. Then if you could really emerge there is a word 'emerge' in Sanskrit language or in Marati language is very good is [Ramamana?]. I don't think emerging with joy but there is no 'with' you see, emerging into joy. So if you can emerge into the joy of anything that is Sahaj you can become a meditative personality. You can achieve that meditative mood within yourself. With that mood, with that force, new subtler dimensions start breaking out within you. Your different kind of conditionings, which are like, shackles binding you down, just open out and you become a free person - 'Bandhamukta'. With that force everything breaks, your ego breaks, your conditioning breaks and you become one with the joy of life, divine life.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 5, 1988  Ganapatipule Seminar   India Tour