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I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday at the very outset, I told you that truth is what it is. If we have not found the truth we should be humble and honest about it, because truth is for our benevolence, for the benevolence of our city, of our society, of our country and of the whole universe.

This is a very special time you are all born, where people have to get their Self-realization. This is the Resurrection Time as described in the Bible, it's the time of Kiyama as described by Mohammed Sahib. This is a very special time when Nala, as you know, Nala damayanthi akhyan - Nala was faced with Kali. He got very angry with Kali and said that "You have destroyed my family, you have destroyed my peace, and you put people into bhram, into illusions, so I'd better kill you." He challenged Kali that "You should be finished forever."

Then Kali said, "All right, let me tell you my mahatmyam. Let me tell you why I should be there. If I convince you then you can stop killing me, but if I do not, you can kill me." So he told that "Today all those who are seeking the truth, seeking their Self-realization, Atma sakshatkara, those who are going into giri and kandharas, into the mountains and in the valleys, searching God all over the world; these people will be born as ordinary householders during Kali Yuga. There will be bhram, no doubt, people will be in sabhram. Illusion will be there, and the confusion will be there - that I will create, no doubt - but because of this confusion only, these simple householders will seek the truth. And that's why that is the time they will get their Atma sakshatkara."

It's a - lots of prophecies have been there in our shastras about these times, but specially Bhrigumuni in "Nadigranth" has described about these times. If you tally them with the timing of today, it is exactly this time. After the death of Raghwindra Swami this will happen, and that's what is happening now. For you people it is very important to understand that Raghwindra Swami was in this area and he did a lot of work, and now the time has come to complete his work; also Ramana Maharshi. They didn't know how to explain, so they took to maunavart. People like Gyaneshwara at the age of twenty-three, writing such wonderful things, like "Amruta anubhavi" is a book, I think the last word on spirituality. They had to get into samadhis at a such a young age of twenty-three years, because nobody tried to understand them. So much of ritualism, so much of conditioning, so much of reading that nobody wanted to know what they were talking. Everybody thought, "We know everything," and that's how this kind of a satisfaction that they had. Kabira has said, "Kaise samjhaun, sab jag andhaa" - "How am I to explain, the whole world is blind."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  December 7, 1991  Public Program  India Tour  Madras  ( Chennai ) Tamil Nadu, India