Most powerful saints, to date

First thing: we have to know that we are realized souls, and that you have got realization and that you are saints, that you have all the powers that a saint could have. No saint ever had more powers than you have, as it is, which is manifesting. No saint had any knowledge that you have today.

You'll be amazed, none of the books which have been written so far have been able to tell you about the spiritual being that is within you as you have come to know through Sahaja Yoga. One has to accept it. It is so. Anyone of them whosoever has written any books, even, I would say, Adi Shankaracharya, he could not explain so many things which you know. But the quality of Adi Shankaracharya is very great, or people of his type, Markandeya or Buddha, the quality is very high, because they are extremely pure people, purity. They have achieved individual salvation of a very high degree while you have achieved your collective salvation better, but individually they are of a very, very high quality. I mean, they had no doubts about Divine Power, they had no doubts about God. They never had any doubts and they were very dignified. And they never bothered as to their petty problems of life. For them this was too petty to think about. Anything which is so petty, we spend so much time over it. I know we had to do it because after all we are human beings and are being into Sahaja Yoga with our human awareness and then we got our realization so the purification time is very, very short. And while they had such a lot of time to purify themselves.

Now, for example, Moses was an incarnation, a very pure form of a personality or, you can say, Jesus was an incarnation, absolutely purest form of incarnation. But they are there to be our ideals while what we have done is to become, from human beings, a prophet. So you understand both the things very well, what the weaknesses human beings have, what are their problems, how they get away from reality, how they are deluded.​​

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     December 1, 1980     Caxton Hall    London, UK