God has created a beautiful world, I assure you

Today there are many new people I see again. It's so heartening to see new flowers coming up every day to become the fruits. It's so joy giving to know that I'm here at the right time when people are really seeking. They are really seeking to be transformed; they really believe that something has to happen to them. They are aware that there's something lacking in the whole human personality, in the human race, that we can not overcome the hurdles which look and appear absolutely absurd and illogical. So many problems we have -  individually, socially, politically, economically... appear very clearly, it is so evident to understand, that the human fiber is lacking in something; that it's the human beings who are responsible for this chaotic world, for all this modern confusion.

For God has created a beautiful world, I assure you. It's really a very beautiful world and He has created you also very beautifully. You all are very beautiful people, extremely beautiful. You cannot feel your beauty, then how can others feel your beauty? Because the light that shows your beauty is not there. You have fragrance, which is the fragrance of all the flowers put together. You are the essence of all the beauties of nature that is created, all the symphonies and all the music that you hear, all the art that you have created has come from you. That is your part, while you are the whole, you are the totality. But you do not feel your totality that's the problem: that human beings do not feel their totality. Out of you all this has come up. All this is your creation. But you cannot feel that if your hand has produced something, it's your hand. If your eyes have produced something, these are your eyes; that you are one, that in totality you will know the One who has created you. For example, supposing I do not have eyes, I may be able to see you partly, in the sense I can feel you, but I won't be able to see you fully. If I don't have nose, I won't be able to know how your fragrance is.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 30, 1980    " We Are All One "    Public Program    Caxton Hall  London, UK