Sahaja Yoga and Thanksgiving

"But you are at a different level now. So it's more of a thanksgiving to your own kundalini and to Adi Shakti, glorifying that whatever has happened so miraculously is because of the kundalini which was within you, which was reflected by the Adi Shakti. But one has to know that only we are realized souls is not the point, only that we can feel the vibrations is not the point, that we can give realizations to other is also not the point. Then what is it? Very important – it’s the content within us. What do we have within us is the point. These are all the expressions of what we have within.

Supposing somebody is generous, then know that he’s a rich man, otherwise he cannot be. So the content within us we have to see. And when we start seeing the content, where do we find in the nature there is real content? We say the sea. Sea is there you see, full of water. So much of water it sucks in from everywhere and then it allows itself to be boiled by the sun and gives rain. But sea is the lowest level, stands at the lowest level and sucks in all the water from everywhere."

-- 1989 Navaratri Puja in England