Viratangana: Holding everything together

. . .one must understand that as all these seven chakras I am working on are in a collective way held by Me in My Virata. The quality of Viratangana is that, that She creates this universal awareness within us, the collectivity. And, if you do not realize that in modern times we are in a spiritual path in a collective way only. This is what it is. Because we have reached to the state of Sahasrara and here we have to have a collective working only, there's no other way out! This is what is to be absolutely realized. Anybody who tries to harm the collectivity by bad behavior, or by anything, will be thrown out, no doubt, but also will fall into wrong hands. So collectivity is the work of Adi Shakti. Because at the Sahasrara, at the Sahasrara, at the Sahasrara is the rule of Virata. And the Power of Virata is the Viratangana. Is the One Who does collectivity. This is the most important point we must know if we cannot be collective - because of anything, jealousy maybe, inferiority complex maybe, any, anything which is coming from behind like a worm crawling up -then, know that something wrong with you, nothing wrong with the collectivity. Don't criticize the collectivity, till I Myself find it out, and I'll put it right. Keep to the collectivity, wisely and earnestly and try to keep the collectivity together. Try to help to keep the people collective to enjoy together. Don't criticize each other; only criticize yourself. If you are in the habit of criticism, better criticize yourself. It's better, because these are habits also.